We are creating positive change in Huatulco, Mexico, supporting a library that is going to help local residents improve their English and learn skills that will allow them to get better paying jobs.
Huatulco is a remote vacation spot located on the Pacific ocean with a population of roughly 50,000. The major industry is tourism, from the resorts that line nine bays and dozens of beaches. Most better paying jobs, however, go to those with an education who speak fluent English, while locals often scrap out a meager living selling trinkets to tourists, or working low paying jobs as maids, busboys, street cleaners or the like. 
The library and literacy center will be built on land donated to the Huatulco Rotary club by the local government. The donated land covers 1,175 square meters. Work has already begun on plumbing, flooring, lighting, electrical work, windows and doors on the first wing of the library.
Plans call for a cafeteria and a computer center, which will be used by both school children and adults in the community. A skate park has already been built on part of the land next to the library. (Artist rendering at right)
Our role in the project will be to help furnish the library, with the help of a $2,300 grant from District 6440 which we just received. We have also been helping raise cash contributions for building supplies. We sent a tweet out about the project last month, and received a response from a club that was donating a ton of cement!! The power of social media at work. Our goal is to raise $3,000 to go with the district grant, and we have almost achieved our goal.
This has been an exciting opportunity for our club, and much of thanks goes to Peter Fitzgerald, who has been our chief liaison with the Huatulco club. Peter has visited the site and worked diligently to push this project forward and determine what we needed to do to qualify for district funding. If you would like to donate to the effort, please contact Peter at fitzcubs@gmail.com 
This project is a great example of how Rotary provides members a chance to make a difference, and do way more than they could on their own. No matter what their level of involvement, every member of our club is sharing in the excitement of helping the people of Huatulco.